The University Mental Health Charter Programme

The University Mental Health Charter programme brings together universities committed to achieving a whole-university approach to mental health and wellbeing and supports them to create cultural change.

Members can access a community of practice and a range of resources to support them to improve their approach to student and staff mental health and demonstrate commitment to this area. Members can apply to the Charter Award to gain recognition for excellent practice.

Why join the University Mental Health Charter Programme?

A commitment to a whole-university approach to mental health and wellbeing has the potential to lead to a range of positive outcomes for your university community, including:

Improved mental health and wellbeing outcomes for students and staff
Improved student recruitment, retention, satisfaction, progression, attainment and employability
Improved staff performance, reduced sickness absence, lower staff turnover and higher levels of creativity
Meet requirements of health and safety, equality, employment and consumer legislation and national HE funding and regulatory bodies

Membership benefits

Submit for the University Mental Health Charter Award
Access an online hub of resources and live workshops to support you to work towards the Charter Award
Become part of a UK-wide peer support and practice-sharing network
Access for staff across the university to practice-sharing events to support you to improve strategy, policy and practice
Connect with the Student Minds Charter Team to reflect on your university’s progress
Demonstrate public commitment to work in this area

Current programme members

We are delighted that 40 universities have committed to improving mental health for the whole university community by joining the Charter Programme in 2021/22. Read the list of member universities for 2021/22

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