About the University Mental Health Charter Framework

​The University Mental Health Charter framework provides a set of evidence-informed principles to support universities to adopt a whole-university approach to mental health and wellbeing.

What is a whole university approach?

A whole-university approach must include both adequately resourced, effective and accessible mental health services and proactive interventions. It must provide an environment and culture that reduces poor mental health, as well as supporting good mental health, and facilitating staff and students to develop insight, understanding and skills to manage and maintain their own wellbeing.

Explore the Charter Framework

The Charter is composed of 18 themes. Within each of the themes, the Charter sets out a number of principles of good practice that universities can follow to achieve a whole-university approach.

The Charter’s themes are mapped against the 4 domains and enabling themes of the UUK Mentally Healthy Universities model – the revised model of StepChange.

Click on the themes below to learn more about each theme and explore relevant research, resources and good practice. Alternatively download the pdf here.